Maher Salamé


Was born in Beirut on august 20th, 1984. He was raised in a musical family and since 1992, his grandfather taught him how to play the violin since the age of 7. He learned how to play the violin, piano and singing. He studied classical and oriental music for twelve years.

He played his instrument with several Lebanese and International artists such as:

  • Jihad Akl
  • Guy Manoukian
  • Raoul Di Blasio
  • The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

He participated in several international festivals such as:

  • Formula One Event
  • Bahrain “July, 2005”
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival “March, 2007”
  • Palais des Congres
  • Paris “March, 2008’
  • Qatar National Theatre

Getting married? Engaged? Having an event?
Nothing can make your occasion special other then adding a Violin spirit to it.

Tending to have a royal wedding?
Nothing but a violin can add this taste to your wedding with a high performance melted with a professional touch.

Maher Salamé can make your night unforgettable.

Maher Salamé the first classical-electro-oriental violin cross over artist and one of the unique figures mixing an oriental-occidental music.

Can offer to your wedding:

  • a very classy entrance
  • a romantic first dance
  • an outstanding dance show
  • and least but not last, a majestic dinner
MAHER SALAMEH, is one of the most in demand Violin-Electronic Music Artists in the region. His cutting edge sound of dirty, driving violin tech beats with spine tingling melodies has brought a new dimension & sound to many Violinists. He is known as one of the most influential figures of oriental cross-over violin playing. He also has evolved to become one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic Violin music acts in the region
L - Club
Maher Salame is with no doubt the future of oriental cross-over violin playing, he started at a very early age. he is a very dynamic and passionate violin player
Guy Manoukian